Setting Up EC2 Web Server

Getting X11 Forwarding Working

It can be confusing to see the report {code}WARNING! The remote SSH server rejected X11 forwarding request.{/code}. You’ve made sure that {bash}/etc/ssh/sshd_config{/bash} has X11 forwarding enabled and that a local X Server is running. The problem is that many servers do not have {bash}xauth{/bash} installed by default. Adding this enables X11 forwarding.



Before connecting to the web server, you will need to allow HTTP to pass through the firewall. The easiest way is to use {bash}system-config-firewall{/bash}. As I frequently have difficulty getting the text versions of the {bash}system-config-*{/bash} to run, I use the graphical version.


After setting up MySQL, you need to add a database:


Before the PHP installation will work, you need to enable some package repositories that are disabled by default. This is needed because {bash}php-mcrypt{/bash} is not available in the repositories enabled by default.


You need to “activate” the EPEL repository before installing phpMyAdmin, which can be found at {bash}/etc/yum.repos.d/epel.repo{/bash}.

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