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Understanding Sync Layers in YUI

A Sync Layer is an interface where the widget, e.g. {javascript}DataTable{/javascript}, is populated, updated from, and updates a data store. In our case, the data store is a RESTful interface using JSON. To implement YUI Sync Layers, we use a {javascript}ModelList{/javascript} composed of Models. To understand Models, we go back to the basics and look

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References for Automatic Document Classification

Intellexer Classification Software – Commercial, Cheap $13 Genie and SMILE – Promising Neural Networks Library Machine Learning Library from Stanford/SGI Simulated Annealing on Wikipedia Learning Classifier System for Document Categorization Swarm Intelligence for Document Classification Immune System Based Document Classification Bayes++   Related articles Cheat sheet for prediction and classification models in R Machine learning

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Stabilizing the Mix

For the past month I have been researching, learning, testing, and evaluating various libraries and frameworks to use for Web development. I have previously written about my less-than-satisfactory experience with the monolithic client side MVC frameworks. I also discarded my initial plan to use WordPress for authentication and access control, because of the baggage that

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