Javascript UI Libraries

I’m learning Javascript. Actually, I’m re-learning. First I learned it as a copy-and-paste language without real understanding because, after, Javascript isn’t a real language. Reading Javascript: The Good Parts is convincing me otherwise. Also, I’m finding that my ignorance of the language is hindering my use of certain libraries, first and foremost being Ext4Js.

When I come across something interesting on the Web I bookmark it. But I find that I rarely go back to any bookmarks that aren’t on my Bookmark Bar. For a previous project, I create a page with links and short write-ups to investigate and/or use. That was really useful, much more so than bookmarks or notes in my paper notebook.

jQuery EasyIU Has, among other things, an editable data grid.

jQuery Form Plugin promises to be an easy and low-resource AJAX form library.

In contrast, jFormer offers “beautiful, standards compliant forms” including

  • Validate client-side
  • Validate server-side
  • Process without changing pages (using AJAX)


Now we come to a section on DHTMLX. I’ve already done a lot with their scheduler (which is great). Now I’m looking to create and editable grid, which is what the following links refer to.

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