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Building and Installing PostGIS from Source

Prerequisites PostgreSQL You need to already have PostgreSQL, its dev package, and it libraries installed. On Fedora-based distributions, it looks like this:

 Eat Your Wheaties Setup local time zone. Update installed packages. Reboot.

Install Essential Prerequisite Packages  

 Build PostGIS Prerequisites For each of the following  libraries, we go through these steps:

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Perl One Liners

Overview Perl has a reputation as a write-only language and one that is difficult to use. While you can write unreadable code in any language, aspects of Perl make it difficult for novices to read and encourage poor readability. There is one area where Perl remains the unquestioned champion: one-liners. One Liner Perl was originally

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Password Management

Password Managers There are literally hundreds of hosts, usernames, and password combinations that I have to keep track of. Having some piece of malware find and upload the Excel file that I used to keep my passwords in was simply an unacceptable risk. I needed something better. Here are my requirements: Requirements Must-Haves Secure, encrypting

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My Favorite Tools for Web Development

SSH Connection My workstation runs Windows 7 x64 and while I have tried PuTTy and Cygwin, for stability and ease-of-user I’ve settled on using NetSarang’s XShell as my favorite SSH tool. PuTTy worked well for me until I started using Windows 7. With the advent of Windows 7, PuTTy began to drop connections intermittently. I

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