MooTools is Worth a Look

Despite having made the decision to go with ExtJS as my core framework, looking at the MooTools Demo page is making me consider whether MooTools can work in harmony with ExtJS, at least in limited areas.


The first thing that got me excited was the Drag and Drop Cart. It looks slick and exactly the way I want a shopping cart to work. And the code is short: probably three pages combined of JS, HTML, and CSS. I like having an example to go with.

Searching for a similar demo using ExtJS came up with this and the accompanying article. While this and other articles describe how to make it happen, it doesn’t give me the warm-and-fuzzy feeling that the MooTools running-and-here-it-is demo does.



Please with what I saw in Drag.Cart, I started playing with the other demos. Chaining is impressive for how much it can do with effects with so little code. I think there are 5 separate effects. The effects aren’t mind-blowing, but they are the kind of thing that could be used to enhance a website.


While not its declared purpose, Native demonstrates tweening.

Events, Request, and Plugins

Without detailing all of the demos, Events was quite nice in it demonstrated how to catch and respond to different events:

  1. from a simple mouse click
  2. to a moderate Alt-Click selection
  3. to a powerful delegation from parent to children.

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