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Restructuring the Site – BranchPoint, Inc.

Restructuring the Site

Newspaper vs. Encyclopedia

Something Old

The material I have posted to this blog falls generally can be classified as “timely” or “reference.” Looking at the articles, I see too many reference-type articles in the blog which is essentially “timely.” That is, much of what I have posted to the blog, which is like a newspaper, more properly belongs in an encyclopedia format. I noticed this partially due to having to dig back through old articles I wrote to find the reference material that I wanted.

OK, many of you are saying, “Duh!”. I had other priorities and merely having an outlet to share ideas and projects on the ‘Net was initially enough. Now I am looking to make the site both more useful and more active.

Something New

The revised site will have at least the following sections:

  1. Blog
  2. Wiki
  3. Better cross-links with advancedcplusplus.com
  4. Links to contextually relevant YouTube videos
  5. Topical Recommended Reading
  6. Access to Version Controlled Software

Already, wiki.branchpoint.net is active and the blog has moved to blog.branchpoint.net. Right now the home page redirects to the Blog. I’m going to create a landing page that looks better and pulls everything together. That includes advancedcplusplus.com and the corresponding YouTube Channels.

That’s where we are. The “Under Construction” front page on web sites has always bothered me; to me, a web site should always be under construction. So there won’t be an under-construction page, but please bear with me as I undertake making the site more useful to me and to my visitors.

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